DigitalSign Reader

DigitalSign Reader 5.0: download now english version!

DigitalSign Reader can be downloaded and used by private citizens who don't use it for professional purposes, or by users who need to open, display and/or verify documents signed by means of CompEd software only.

With DigitalSign Reader you can:

  • open any digitally signed document in PKCS#7 (.p7m) format, in accordance with DPCM 13/01/2004 and Delib. CNIPA 4/2005
  • display, print and/or export document content
  • verify with great accuracy the included signature or signatures, also verifying that the certificate of the signer has been issued by a trusted provider and/or has not been suspended or revoked.

DigitalSign Reader requires no smartcard nor card reader: it can be used immediately, even to become familiar with the digital signature technology before the purchase of DigitalSign.


Please note that DigitalSign Reader is specifically designed to handle documents - and to connect with the certification infrastructure - in conformity with the Italian laws and technical regulation.

The English speaking version is only intended to make its usage easy for foreign users operating in the Italian context.

Before downloading and installing DigitalSign Reader it is recommended to carefully read and understand the license conditions (at present only available in Italian language).

The product, after installation, requires the execution of a registration/activation procedure, including user authorization to collect and manage personal data.

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